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Studio Collection

This newest mini collection was designed based on the ballet-core trend. Using elements of lose, fluid flowing soft fabrics that are incorporated into loungewear. We also introduce a new color to the Faceplant Dreams color palette, based on 25/26 color trends. 

Söft Collection

I collaborated with the owner of the company to design a luxury loungewear collection to elevate the brand from being more than just a pajama brand. We started with a classic tank and legging that has since expanded the collection each season. The Söft Collection is the best selling apparel collections of  Faceplant Dreams and is continuously selling out.

Tulip Collection

I collaborated with the owner to design a collection to incorporate an introduction into luxury loungewear. The purpose of the collection was something you can wear around the house to lounge or sleep in, while incorporating some of the pieces in your everyday wardrobe.

Plush Collection

I collaborated with the owner of the company and a freelance knitwear designer to create a small sweater collection that has expanded into apparel and home.

Print Collection

I designed print designs based on Spring/Summer 2024 print trends. Faceplant has never done prints in their apparel lines and wanted to develop a small run of print items to sell next to their current apparel lines. Each print was merchandised with an top selling items in the current colorways.